Word doc to Adobe PDF Doc Conversion: May 07 2011


Like HTML/CSS, a Word document has two parts: The basic text content and the various formatting and "styles" applied to it! The most basic "style" is simply the font type and font size. Beyond that are margins, indents and other features that are similar to the on-screen HTML/CSS world.

Word 2010: Use "Save As" and select .PDF file format

If you have Word 2010, converting your Word document to the Adobe's almost universal file format is easy: simply select "Save As' from the File menu and then select pdf file as the format! What used to involve buying extra software and more is now just a simple click and its done!

Website Content Downloads:

The PDF ( Portable Document Format ) is an ideal way to "publish" material online for download off a website portal. The PCEncyclo.com is an example of this. HTML is used on the webpages and website navigation while most of the content is delivered via a choice of downloadable PDF files.

PDF file: Adobes' Universal Document Standard:

PDF or Portable Document Format is the almost universal document standard from Adobe. PDF files are now a common way to provide documentation ( instead of a printed manual ) on most new hardware. It's an affordable cost-effective way to include very comprehensive documentation , complete with color graphics, that can be read using a free downloadable Adobe Reader from Adobe's website.

Example: You want a map of the British railway system. You go online and download a PDF map which uses vector graphics so that it is totally "scalable" and "expandable" without pixelization like a bitmap image would be.

Other PDF examples include: Translink System maps: If you go to Translinks website to find station locations for Skytrain, the system maps are in PDF Format, and even feature a "snapshot tool", for taking a "digital image" of a user-selected portion of the map and putting it into the clipboard.

The manual for your new software:

More and more, whenever you buy new software and even some hardware, you're likely to be prompted if you wish to download Adobe Reader, since the manual isn't "printed out" anymore, its not like you have much choice!. Instead its on a PDF file that you download and then view using the Adobe Reader software.

"The Government "Form" , now On-Line:

If you go to a government website for any of their multitude of forms, you'll find they are mostly in PDF format, and many you can fill out on-line. For all their new efficiency and cost savings, taxes NEVER seem to go down since the money is just spent somewhere else!

PDF Ebooks:

PDF is also an almost ideal format for Ebooks either online or available on CD\DVD. If someone doesn't have the latest Adobe Reader software, it's easily available over the Internet for a free download. " Users are able to expand the image size and still read the text clearly without pixelization.